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Friday, May 18, 2012

The Dilemma: A Dreamy Office/Playroom?

We have always planned in the back of our minds to have our daughters share a room once they are both in regular beds.  This is the only way we could have a third child, and even if we didn't we could really use the extra space.  But this week my husband said "What if we put the girls together NOW and gave you an office?" 

What, what, WHAT?  Zoe is 1 year old in less than 2 weeks, and will be in a crib for quite awhile still.  Plus I JUST got both rooms looking great, so my immediate response was "That's crazy, let's wait...".

But now that the idea is settling in, I am obsessed with it.  Of course, I've already stuffed my new office with much more than will actually fit in there, and redecorated it five times in my head.

Right now, my office is behind the couch in the living room.  I know the husband is as bothered as I am (or more) by the cramped feeling (and look) of having my office in the living room.  But while it isn't as pleasing to the eye, having my office in the living room makes it possible for me to do a little work or create something quickly while the kids are playing.  So I've accepted that it's function over form for now.  Would I hate having my office in a whole other room, away from the main action of the house?  Hmmm...

Maybe I can move the action... I would love to split the new office in half, and have my desk and crafting area on one side, and a play area for the girls on the other.   I'm convinced this can work because my sister-in-law has an amazing office/craft room/play room in her house.  I mean A-MA-ZING.  She has agreed to let me blog about it, so I'll show you sometime.

Here is some inspiration from Pinterest...

{Source via Pinterest}

{Source via Pinterest}

{Source via Pinterest}

{Source via Pinterest}

{Source via Pinterest}
All of these inspiration images have beautiful built-ins, and since my budget should be zero dollars for this project, we'll probably start with something much more simple... but I'm definitely feeling dreamy about having this space!!  And there are some very budget-friendly ideas in there too! 

There are the girls to consider though...  Both girls sleep pretty well, so I'm not so worried about them sharing a sleep space.  Hopefully that would stay the same when they're together...  Does anyone else out there have a preschooler and an infant sleeping in the same room?  I know it happens all the time, and the kids will adapt, right?

What challenges am I not anticipating from this arrangement??  My head is really spinning with inspiration today!!

PLEASE weigh in with your thoughts!!

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