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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Whoa - Christmas is 7 Weeks Away!!

As usual, time is flying by this year, and the Holidays are around the corner.  One side of my family is having our Thanksgiving next weekend, so they are starting even earlier for us this year.

One plus of a super-tiny house is that I can never host a gathering of more than a few people when it is too cold to do it outside.  I have successfully declared that I want my kids to wake up in their own beds on Christmas morning, so we don't go out of town right at Christmas.  As a result, my holiday organizing is somewhat simplified because we have a few predictable family gatherings in town every year right at Christmas and some spread out visits with out-of-town family.

Inevitably the months of November and December will have extra tasks to our Things-to-Do lists, while taking away from our time to get things done with parties and trips out of town on weekends.  We can all use some organizational tools to help worry a little less and enjoy ourselves a little more during the Holidays.  The wonderful I'm an Organizing Junkie blog has posted a great collection of Holiday Organizing tools entitled 6 Holiday Resources to Help You Keep Your Sanity this Season.  Check it out!!

More Holiday Organizing ideas coming soon here as well...

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