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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Simplified Week - Jarring Veggies

When I posted previously about using clear glass jars for Pretty Organized storage (pantry items, craft supplies, etc), a reader posted a comment with a link to a blog post about salads in a jar.  I have since become quite hooked on this and wanted to dedicate a post to spreading the word about this ingenious idea.

I have expanded the salad idea to all refrigerated vegetables.  After grocery shopping I wash all the veggies and get them cut and ready for meals ahead of time.  Vacuum sealing in jars allows me to save money by buying in bulk for things like lettuce and carrots, and the time it saves during dinner prep is invaluable.  For me, items prepped and stored vacuum sealed have lasted two weeks in the fridge without signs of going bad, but that is how long it took us to eat the veggies I prepped; I have not left something in there to test the length of time they could last.  I should say that this may not work for all veggies (I'm not sure if mushrooms would hold up to this type of prep, for example).  The shelf life of different veggies is also probably different -I've only tried lettuce, carrots, bell peppers and broccoli.  I wouldn't mix different types of veggies together in the same jar, either.
While we had a ton of jars around the house, we didn't have a vacuum sealer.  After researching the options, we chose the Pump-N-Seal vacuum sealer because it is affordable, versatile, and it had stronger vacuum power than other options.  I purchased the Food Saver jar sealer and accessory hose separately, and they connect right to the side-port and tubing that came with the Pump-N-Seal.  You also have to option to use the Pump-N-Seal with your own food storage bags or non-canning jars, which is a nice feature.

When sealing jars, the pump suctions onto the counter and makes pumping easy, and it only take a few pumps to seal a jar.  And because it is so small, the Pump-N-Seal doesn't take up much space in a drawer when it is not in use.

I did not receive any products or compensation from Pump-N-Seal or FoodSaver.  The opinions expressed here are my own and were not solicited. 

How do you store veggies to help them last longer in the refrigerator?  For what else can vacuum sealed jars or containers be used?

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