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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Organized Holidays - Homemade Stockings

To me an organized holiday means involving just enough structure to ensure that you enjoy the holidays as much as possible.  A little forethought into projects and new traditions makes for a meaningful holiday season for the whole family.  Welcome to the first of a special series of posts aimed at a joyous, stress-free holiday season!!

Every year I love hanging up our homemade stockings. Each one is an original masterpiece, but together they look coordinated, festive and cute!

I can't take any credit for this tradition in my family.  I have a wonderful aunt that makes stockings for all the kids in the family and has since I was little.  I was very touched when she was kind enough to make one for my husband so my family could have a coordinated set of homemade stockings.  I just love the playful embellishments and love that goes into every stitch. 

To make your own, start with a pattern (the one linked and shown below has great instructions along with the printable pattern), and cut out the two sides of the stocking... then you can decorate it however you like before you sew the stocking together.


Here are some ideas to start a stocking tradition in your home:

Simple monotones and sophisticated embellishments can make a beautiful, elegant statement in your home without being cutesy at all.

Make it a family project.  Cookie cutters are the perfect guides for cutting out adornments in fun holiday shapes.  Stitch them onto the stocking with contrasting colors to add to the look.

Sequins, puff balls and tiny bells add flair by themselves or with other embellishments.

You don't have to stick with the traditional sock shape, either.  Click here for patterns and directions for original and fun stocking ideas including the elf boot shown below, a bare foot, a ballet slipper, and more. 

What other traditions do you have with your stockings?  Do you have a traditional stocking stuffer that everyone in the family receives year after year?

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