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Friday, August 19, 2011

Getting Started

Sometimes getting started is the most difficult part of a project.  I am almost giddy with excitement about the prospect of blogging about something for which I am so passionate: organization.  But somehow I needed to make myself sit down and write this first post.  I am swirling with posting ideas, concepts, and tidbits from my research that I am eager to share.  And yet I have been procrastinating getting started.  So here goes…

I have an affinity for all things related to organization.  It relaxes me just to read books or magazines on how to be organized.  My adult life has consisted of a series of refinements in organization; each step with its own benefits, and each contributing to the person I am today.  I enjoy both the process of organizing and the finished product.  There is always room for improvement in the organization of our thoughts, homes, and lives.   I will use this blog as a platform to discuss ideas, projects, supplies, and tools for getting organized.

As a mom of two small (awesome) girls, trying to run a successful household and small business while working part-time, I find that the more organized things are, the more smoothly the days go.  And with that, I am better equipped to maintain a sense of accomplishment and serenity in my normal, chaotic life.

This blog specifically came about as a way to spread the word about my small business venture – creating customized Excel spreadsheets (  I am very passionate about Microsoft Excel.  It is such a wonderful and powerful tool for simplifying common tasks and I use it in all aspects of my life.   My husband finally suggested that I help other people use Microsoft Excel to their benefit, whether for personal organization or complex business tasks and analysis.  So among my blog posts about getting organized will be many tips and suggestions for using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to get organized. 

I would love to hear from you – your similar experiences, as well as your thoughts or results from the ideas presented here.  So please leave comments!!

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